Useful R Packages for Causal Inference in the Social Sciences

The table below lists R packages that I have found useful for causal inference in the social sciences, particularly political science. I regularly teach Causal Inference as part of the methods sequence at MIT Political Science, so this post mainly serves a convenient place to send students when teaching that course.

Boostrap-Based Multiple Testing Adjustments: New R Package

A recent trend in quantitative political science is the increasing attention to the multiple testing problem in hypothesis testing. As we examine more and more dependent variables or subgroups in a given study, the potential for falsely rejecting at least one null hypothtesis due to chance increases.

Drought and Death in Northeast Brazil

As an outside observer of Brazil, it’s hard to be optimistic. Who can pick just one reason? The country is struggling to emerge from a historically severe economic crisis. The president is historically unpopular, credibly accused of corruption, and lacks democratic legitimacy.